Secrets of the Royal Estate: Frogmore


1 x 60' / 1 x 90'

Production company

Wildflame Productions

Year of production


Commissioning channels

Channel 5

Frogmore Estate has been a favourite royal retreat for more than 300 years, finding fame for housing figures on the fringes of the Royal family, most notably its recent royals – the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – Harry and Meghan.

With a history overshadowed by its tenants: it’s been branded a “residence of royal rejects” and an “outpost for the outcasts”; in this special we discover who lived there before Harry and Meghan. Who’s next to move in? And how did the convention busting couple choose to transform this historic house into their home? From vegan paint to £2 million radical renovations, secret gardens to sacred mausoleums, we’ll hear the surprising stories of the Royals that have resided – and some of whom are laid to rest – within the famous Frogmore Estate, as we step inside the estate through the eyes of those who’ve tended it, renovated it, and worked to make Frogmore one of the most fascinating royal estates.

UK premiere - Summer 2023

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