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The fictional Crawley Family who inhabit Downton Abbey are known and loved all around the world. But what about their real-life counterparts? With exclusive access to Highclere Castle, this new series follows the highs and lows of the colourful, modern-day Lord and Lady Carnavon and their loyal staff, as they strive to make this year at Highclere the most profitable to date. With a busy calendar of events, the team have their hands full.

Ep 1 premiered on More 4 on Monday 28th November at 9pm. It was the second biggest launch in terms of audience ratings, on More 4 in 2022. The audience share was up 107% on slot average and skewed upmarket/ABC1.

Episode 1

The castle staff are busy hosting a huge charity fun day, so when two American tourists unexpectedly arrive for an access all areas Downton Abbey tour it's up to Lady Carnarvon to step in and save the day ....

Episode 2

It's the week of the new Downton Abbey movie release and castle manager John has to juggle a live breakfast TV broadcast with a coach of tourists who have turned up early!

Episode 3

Lady Carnarvon rides up high to get on top of some costly repairs to one of the castle’s outbuildings. Will she be able to realise her dream of turning it into a tearoom?

Episode 4

The 5th Earl of Carnarvon was a famous explorer who assisted Howard Carter in the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun. Lady Carnarvon is busy writing a book about the family's history and is excited to find some fascinating photos and diary entries during her research.

Christmas Special

Episode 5

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