Heritage Rescue


12 x 60'

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Curve Media

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Discovery+ / Quest

From fairy-tale castles with moats to country houses and stately homes, Britain boasts some of the world's most magnificent buildings, steeped in hundreds of years of history. But its heritage is under threat. Many of the country's finest properties are close to crumbling; their stories and splendour disappearing with them.

In this brand new prime-time format, Heritage Rescue follows 12 extraordinary buildings as they are saved from ruin. Passionate restorer, Nick Knowles, has frontline access to the work underway, as highly skilled master crafters return these national treasures to their former glory.

From repairing centuries-old stonework and restoring ancient stained glass, to forging iron work and painstaking paint conservation, with some unexpected and breath-taking discoveries along the way.

Featuring amazing visuals and recognisable names from the past and present, Heritage Rescue is a celebration of these wonderful buildings and the amazing skills and passion making their restoration possible.

Powderham Castle, Brighton Pavillion, Boston Manor, Eastnor Castle, Oxburgh Hall, Wentworth Woodhouse, Kelmscott Manor, Exeter Cathedral, Castle Howard, Stowe School, Woburn Abbey, Blenheim Palace.

Castle Howard

Episode 1

Nick Knowles follows the extraordinary rescue of Castle Howard in Yorkshire before its roof gives in to the Great British weather. Backdrop to classic period dramas like Brideshead Revisited, Castle Howard is one of Britain’s most loved stately homes. But since a huge fire in 1940, keeping the place alive has been the full-time occupation of the Howard family and today Nick Howard follows in his father’s footsteps to save the place from ruin, embarking on a huge project to rebuild its complex lead roofs, saving unique ceilings, and restoring a stunning stone portico before it’s too late.

Brighton Pavilion

Episode 2

Nick Knowles follows the rescue of one of Britain’s most quirky and enigmatic buildings, The Brighton Pavilion. George IV was Britain’s most reviled king, hated for his excessive spending. But his penchant for a party lead to the building of this party palace that combines architectural styles from around the world. But today, its stone exterior is crumbling away, along with its intricate stone lattice screens and minarets, threatening its incredibly decadent interiors. Nick joins the masons as they fight save this glorious masterpiece and learns what a huge undertaking the restoration of the interior has been.

Eastnor Castle

Episode 3

Nick Knowles follows detailed and intricate restoration work at Eastnor Castle in the Malvern Hills. As one Britain’s finest fairy tale castles, built entirely to impress, for owners James Hervey Bathurst and his wife Lucy keeping the place alive is a full-time challenge. Enlisting armies of artisans, they take on their latest quests to save a beautiful iron bridge from collapse, rescue two irreplaceable hand painted ceilings and restore a valuable set of chairs designed by one of Britain’s most renowned architects.

Exeter Cathedral

Episode 4

Nick Knowles follows the skilled and passionate artisans trying to save Exeter Cathedral from succumbing to the Great British weather! It was no accident that the Cathedral was at the top of Hitler’s list when he decided to bomb Britain’s best heritage buildings. Today its enemy is the weather and the task of restoring its incredible stonework, including grotesques, pinnacles and stunning West Screen statues, is an endless one. Another huge challenge is to preserve some of the country’s oldest medieval stained-glass dating back 700 years. And Nick joins the team uncovering original fourteenth century paintings hidden for decades.

Powderham Castle

Episode 5

Nick Knowles joins Charles Courtenay, the 19th Earl of Devon, as he tries to save Powderham Castle from destruction at the hands of the weather. Charlie, as he prefers to be known, is the 28th generation of Courtenays to live in this fabulous castle…. But years of neglect, and a very dodgy roof, have seen water streaming into the building endangering its incredible historic interiors. And a split oak beam threatens to collapse an entire four storey tower. Nick follows the team of skilled and passionate artisans, as well as uncovering secrets of some of the castle’s more colourful custodians.

Wentworth Woodhouse

Episode 6

Nick Knowles follows the rescue of Wentworth Woodhouse, the largest stately home in Britain and once home to Earls and host to royalty. But for over 70 years it’s been left to wrack and ruin, too big to be viable as a home today. As the £100 million project to save it for the nation moves on Nick joins the artisans brought in to rescue its three acres of roofs, save one of the biggest porticos in Britain, and restore its North Pavillion with two historic clocks and an 18 foot weathervane…. that is if he doesn’t get lost in one of the 365 rooms first!

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