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Welcome to Better Homes HQ, where restoration guru Nick Knowles and a team of experts demonstrate their top tips for maximising our homes.

This is the ultimate guide to organising our storage and our space - everything from transforming lost alcoves into stylish shelves, making a small garden space look big and bright to creating a child's fantasy bedroom.

Each episode features big jobs, minor projects and handy take outs tips.

Episode 1: Storage - Nick and his team find clever solutions to reduce clutter and solve the lack of space in a child's bedroom.

Episode 2: Space - Using the power of illusion, Nick heads outdoors to give a small garden big impact.

Episode 3: Organisation - Decluttering a wardrobe is a huge task, but Nick and his experts have it all under control with some clever compartments and tricks.

This series is all about helping you to make your house work for you!

Maximising Storage

Episode 1

In the first episode of the series, Nick and his team of experts deliver their solutions for maximising storage in your home. If you have a messy hallway, bathrooms full of bottles, and kids bedrooms that are simply out of control then Nick and the team have the answers and they are going to share all of their insider tips and tricks so you can sort your home out too.

At Better Homes HQ, they start in the kids bedroom. For this episode's Major Make, Nick brings in interior designer Gill Varle and bespoke carpenter Raphael Meade to build the ultimate kids fantasy kids bed, with loads of clever storage and a Dinosaur theme. Upcycler Millie Chobert is in the hallway using pallet wood to create a bespoke organiser for the hallway, with room for your shoes, boots and even your sunglasses. Carpenter Beth Walker puts her woodwork skills to use transforming the unused space above a radiator to create storage for small items. Creative props maker Syeda Bukhari shows us how to upcycle old unwanted furniture to make beautiful storage centre pieces with a completely new function, as well as how to make your own ottoman from scratch which doubles as storage in the living room.. If you have an unused alcove then Raphael and Beth team up to show you how to build a spectacular storage unit to utilise every inch of space.

In every project Nick’s experts deliver insider tips and tricks on the projects they undertake. Meanwhile Nick announces his own top tips for areas around the house including how to create extra storage in kids bedrooms, his Good and Bad guide to Shelving and his Top 5 Tips for bathroom storage.

Creating Space

Episode 2

In this episode, Nick and the team are looking at ways to make your home feel more spacious without building an extension or knocking down walls. Modern homes are up to 20% smaller than older houses so space in our homes really is at a premium nowadays. We show you how to make the most of what you've already got with clever furniture solutions for small spaces, optical illusions that will make rooms look bigger than they are, and a ton of other easy tips to make living spaces appear more spacious.

In this week’s Major Make Nick joins Landscape Gardener Tayshan Hayden-Smith in the garden to demonstrate how to turn the tiniest of outdoor spaces into a beautiful and practical living and entertaining space, without the need for an expensive extension. Interior Designer Gill Varle reveals her insider secrets for how use mirrors, plus the best choices in soft furnishings and furniture to make rooms appear more spacious. Carpenter Beth Walker demonstrates an ingenious space-saving solution when she turns an old dressing table into a compact folding homework & craft desk . And Prop Maker Syeda Bukhari knocks up a simple yet stylish easy to make at home wall-mounted entertainment unit that will create more space in your living room.

And that's not all... Nick also shares his top tips for how to use furniture, lighting and even paint techniques to make your whole home feel larger.


Episode 3

In the final episode of the series Nick and his team of experts tackle organisation in our homes. How to ‘edit’ our possessions and how to organise them efficiently and neatly is becoming something of a national obsession – but have any of us mastered it yet? So if your kitchen cupboards are out of control with out of date items hiding for years at the back, and if your wardrobe resembles a scene from a horror movie, then Nick and his team of experts have the answers this week. Their tops tips for getting those areas organised will wrestle them back under your control.

Nick is joined by special guest expert Vicky Silverthorn, a professional Home Organiser, who delves straight in at the deep end with Nick to get his kitchen in order. Vicky reveals her dos and don’ts for the perfect well-ordered kitchen cupboards, plus her simple rules to break down the mammoth task of organising your home overall. Prop Maker Syeda Bukhari gets creative making a stylish tea and coffee organiser to keep the kitchen organised, while carpenter Beth Walker makes a simple but fun solution for keeping your garden tools neatly stored. Upcycler Millie Chobert also helps out in the kitchen, upcycling an old fashioned DVD storage unit to give it a brand new life as a spice rack , and Raphael is in the bedroom, restructuring a wardrobe ready for Vicky to demonstrate how to re-organise our clothes to maximum effect.

Alongside the expert insider tips and tricks, Nick delivers his own Top Tips for getting started on home organisation, and his Good and Bad Guide to kitchen storage containers, plus tips for making your own organisers instead of splashing out on shop bought ones.

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