Ancient Secrets of Althorp with Charles Spencer


1 x 60'

Production company

Spun Gold

Year of production


Commissioning channels

Channel 4

Since he was a boy, Charles Spencer has been fascinated by the story of a lost village which is believed to lie somewhere in the grounds of his vast ancestral home, Althorp - the childhood playground he shared with his sister, Diana, Princess of Wales. Now a bestselling historian, Charles wants to find the lost village to learn about the Anglo-Saxon people who lived there. And so, for the first time in Althorp's history, he opens its gates to a team of archaeologists, led by Dr Cat Jarman and Professor Mark Horton. But when their high-tech kit fails to uncover the village and the archaeologists lose hope - in a dramatic twist, Althorp surprises everyone by revealing some unexpected and truly ancient secrets...

Filmed in the summer when the English countryside is at its most beautiful, this compelling documentary special is punctuated with spectacular aerial footage, delivering a feast for the eyes and food for the brain.

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