My King Charles


1 x 60' / 1 x 120'

Production company

Blink Films

Year of production




My King Charles, from the producers of Diana: The Truth Behind the Interview, which made headlines worldwide and led to the Dyson Inquiry into the BBC – provides an unprecedented insight into the new King from his early years in the palace to major revelations on his playboy twenties, to his troubled first marriage, dubious brushes with politics, his role in smoothing recent royal troubles, and the future he now faces.
Providing a detailed profile of the UK’s new monarch ahead of his coronation on May 6, this film includes unseen letters and photographs and new revelations from those closest to him, including former girlfriends, relatives and former private staff, painting a uniquely intimate picture of the real man behind the crown.

Available as an 85' feature length version or 55' version to suit the one hour time slot.

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