Sandi’s Wood


3 x 60'

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Sandi Toksvig and her wife Debbie have just fulfilled their life-long dream of buying an ancient woodland. Dating from 1600, this 40 acre site is home to trees, streams, a meadow and melting pot of species from fungi to foxes, lichens to little owls. But it’s overgrown, diseased, waterlogged and in need of serious TLC.

Armed with just their wit and determination ( and some dangerous power tools ), the pair are passionate about restoring their woodland, but they have zero experience in as much as gardening so it’s time to bring in the experts to help.

Over three seasons Sandi, Debbie and their new-found friends fell trees, build wildlife ponds, release orphaned owls and welcome new life and the sunshine back into the once overgrown woodland.

This warm and charming specialist factual series is full of wonderful surprises, it will make you laugh, cry and want to go out and buy a woodland!

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