The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge


8 x 60'

Production company

Yeti Television

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An epic competition on a mini scale. Ten amateur crafters, designers and makers are put to the test in the ultimate challenge - to renovate an entire derelict mansion.

The catch? The luxury fantasy home in question is doll-sized.

Whilst the projects may be tiny, the task is huge. Our cast of miniacs (creators of all things miniature) will be set a series of colourful challenges, from crafting a Modernist inspired kitchen, complete with tiny working taps to designing a sitting room, fitted with a roaring Georgian fire.

Judging the series are interior design guru, Laura Jackson and world-record holding miniature sculptor, Willard Wigan MBE. Host, Great British Bake Off's, Sandi Toksvig OBE will be shrunk down using cutting edge GFX, to explore these incredible mini rooms for herself, as well as taking viewers on a journey through stately homes and gardens across Britain, to showcase our rich history of opulent and outstanding interior design.

Over the series we’ll see this derelict miniature mansion transformed into the ultimate fantasy home we’d all love to live in, if only we could fit.

Tape and Format rights available.

Regency Dining Room

Episode 1

Art Deco Bathroom

Episode 2

Victorian Nursery

Episode 3

Elizabethan Bedroom

Episode 4

Rococo Grand Hallway

Episode 5

Edwardian Games Room

Episode 6

Georgian Kitchen

Episode 7


Episode 8

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Trailer: The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge