OnlyFans Got Me Fired


1 x 30'

Production company

Flicker Productions

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A witty and eye-opening investigation into OnlyFans creators who lost their 'day' jobs after their accounts were discovered. This seemingly unexplored risk and complexity of adult video work can lead to dismissal and embarrassment, especially if an employee has inadvertently breached their employment contract by undertaking extra-curricular online work.

This doc meets those who have clashed with employers and lost their jobs as a result of OnlyFans. For some being able to concentrate 'full time' on their OnlyFans work has been a lucrative move with success far beyond anything they would have secured in their 'normal job'. The programme also looks into workers' rights in a world where secondary online work is becoming more and more popular.

This film is part of Channel 4’s popular UNTOLD strand. UNTOLD delivers defining, noisy, brave, bold, compelling and cheeky journalism on subjects that really matter to it's viewers.

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