How to Make it on OnlyFans


1 x 60'

Production company

Little Bird Films

Year of production


Commissioning channels

Channel 4

This racy, intimate, revealing film goes inside the sexy content consultancy, Get Your Bits Out, helping ordinary people make their fortunes on the subscription website, OnlyFans. Entrepreneur, Alex Sim-Wise is currently in the top 1% of all 'sexy content creators' on OnlyFans. What she doesn't know about making money from sizzling adult content, isn't worth knowing.

During the turbulent summer of 2021 - when OnlyFans announced a ban on explicit content - creators across the country were threatened with losing everything.

Now, Alex wants to help them achieve the same success as her.

Filmed with a distinctive and intelligent directorial flair, this film is shot with sass, wit and humour. Full to the brim with emotion and heart, Have I Got Nudes for You, is not afraid to explore some of the stark realities of being a sex worker in the 21st century.

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