OnlyFans: Ireland’s X-Rated


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Virgin Media Ireland

OnlyFans: Ireland’s X-Rated goes deep behind the scenes of a huge phenomena that has taken the world by storm, by following Irish content makers who have turned to explicit photos and videos to bring in the money.

From the newbies cashing in just a few hundred Euro, to those making over 100 grand a month, we look at what it really takes to climb up the ladder on this site and the sacrifices you have to make to get to the top.

From a dad in his twenties who lured his partner on board for a couples collab, a forty year old mum who offers explicit dominatrix content, twosomes and more, to the single mums just hoping to make more money for their kids and the 22 year old on course to become a millionaire by the end of the year, we meet them all.

But the price of fame and fortune nearly always comes at a cost, and some of these content makers have had to pay that price.

From losing friends and family to getting abused and sometimes even threatened on line, it’s not all just fun and frolics.

OnlyFans: Ireland’s X-Rated, shows for the first time what it is REALLY like to make porn in Ireland as it takes you behind the scenes of these content makers to see just how far they will go to make it to the top and the real pros and cons of generating sexual content for pay.

It’s the first in-depth look at the Irish side of a site that has young males and females desperately scrambling to make it big with each video raunchier than the next as they strive to be the best.

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