Student Sex Workers


2 x 60'

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Channel 5



Spiralling debt and a lack of student funding means many students are turning to late night work to finance their studies. This series examines this growing trend and looks at whether it really is 'easy money'.

There are a wealth of jobs available for those who are looking. 'Direct sex' such as web-camming, selling worn underwear, phone sex, stripping and pole dancing. Then the more ambitious student may choose to go down the sugar daddy route. Others look for jobs in the porn sector - producing or starring in porn with some even ending up in brothels. It's a risky and dangerous way to make money but with the power to earn more than the average weekly wage in an hour, more and more student sex workers are making a fortune between classes. But where do students draw the line? Can they really pick and choose when and how to work? And is it all as easy as it sounds?

Also available: First Time Call Girl (1 x 60')

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