Life After Love Island


1 x 60'

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Flicker Productions

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Love Island is one of the biggest reality phenomena of the last decade, such is its popularity, that those who appear on the show go from anonymity to stardom in days. But what happens to them after the cameras stop rolling and the invites dry up. Is there life after Love Island?

Will Njobvu investigates what happens after the hit of sudden fame wears off, meeting former contestants to find out who has made it big and who has gone back to a more 'normal' life and whether the price of fame is too high? Is life post Love Island a heady mix of fast fashion deals, nightclub appearances and lucrative influencer deals there for the taking, or can adjusting to life after Love Island be a less positive experience for those who aren't equipped or ready for the aftermath of reality fame?

This film is part of Channel 4’s popular UNTOLD strand. UNTOLD delivers defining, noisy, brave, bold, compelling and cheeky journalism on subjects that really matter to it's viewers.

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