Not Your Average Family


3 x 30'

Production company

Studio Something

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Influencers and LGBT couple, Charlie Allan and Lauren Faulkner, exploded onto the social media scene in 2019, inspiring thousands to open up about mental health, trans issues and working on OnlyFans. But theirs is also a love story, and they have supported each other through Charlie's transition from female to male; Lauren's OCD and emetophobia.

Now, this series follows Charlie and Lauren on a new journey, as they try to start a family - a process which involves gender reversal for Charlie to try and harvest his eggs for Lauren to use. But it is not plain sailing: they are also opening an inclusive beauty salon business, using money gained by online influencing, in what is a tough economic climate. And Charlie's continuing personal transition journey comes at a time when trans rights have become the centre of a culture war in the UK and beyond.
Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always honest, insightful and unique - this is a cross-generational look at what really makes a family in 2023.
Can Charlie and Lauren overcome the obstacles to build a new exciting future together?

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Trailer: Not Your Average Family