The Surrogates


3 x 60'

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Sundog Pictures

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This series takes a deep dive into the reality of choosing to have someone else’s baby, and what it’s like for those competing for surrogates.

Surrogacy is illegal in most countries in Europe, but in Britain it’s allowed, as long as you don’t get paid. Following five young women and the would-be parents they chose to help, The Surrogates provides a window into the emotionally and legally complicated world of surrogacy in this country. From the 26-year-old woman having a baby for her boss, to the single mum using her own egg to have a baby for a same sex couple, to a single man trying to find someone to carry his child. The heart of this series explores the complex relationships between surrogates and intended parents, and poses the question: in a country where you can’t be financially rewarded for the risky business of getting pregnant for someone else, why would you do it?

This emotionally powerful series will have you gripped to the end.

Broadcast Awards 2022 Nominee: 'Best Popular Factual Programme'.

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Episode 1

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Episode 2

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Episode 3

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