I Don’t Trust My Therapist


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With long waiting lists and the demand for mental health counselling increasing, Jackie Adedeji investigates Better Help - an online therapy platform which offers almost instant counselling services worldwide.

The rise in social media and discussion of health and symptoms online has led to a growth in online health services advertising on platforms like TikTok, targeting digital audiences. But do the services they claim to provide match up with reality? Is this really a safe way to receive mental health counselling and is the app operating within worldwide healthcare guidelines?

Meeting both clients and counsellors of the app, Adedji uncovers some alarming stories of unreliable, distracted, under-trained and over-worked therapists and clients who felt they were given incorrect or poor advice. Delving deeper, Jackie uncovers dubious recruitment and accreditation processes.
But for some, instant therapy which can be easily accessed has been a much more positive experience.

This film is part of Channel 4’s popular UNTOLD strand. UNTOLD delivers defining, noisy, brave, bold, compelling and cheeky journalism on subjects that really matter to it's viewers.

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