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How to... is a fresh take on the user generated clip show. It delivers the best and most enthusiastic of the world's Youtube uploading gurus and experts to help teach us How to... do everything from stopping an erection, fighting off zombies, cooking squirrels and writing a sure-to-pull love ballad. There is loads of great advice delivered by genuinely weird and wonderful experts who truly believe they know How to... do something interesting and important and those who are passionate about teaching us all How to... do the most stupid and unimportant (but mental) things too.

Written and voiced by a nobody Youtube obsessive the commentary is naturally funny and casts a gogglebox type eye over the wonder of the web.

How To... premiered on E4 in November 2015 and is now available for acquisition.

How To Pull The Date Of Your Dreams

Episode 1

HOW TO...PULL THE DATE OF YOUR DREAMS, explains in 10 sexy steps how to punch way above your weight and end up in bed or up against a tree with the Date of your Dreams.

We've unearthed a wealth of videos from the 70s to the present day, to help you learn from our fascinating characters - each with a unique spin on pulling and great takeaway advice to help you unlock the mystery of getting-off with someone you actually want to.

We've got a prisoner who's an expert in cunnilingus, a guy who can use Siri to chat up women, crap dancers, wannabe pornstars and introducing two very special sex mad gurus Markus Rothkranz and Cara Brotman - they're going to share their highly original take on life with us, so we can all learn How to do most things better.

How To Beat Hunger

Episode 2

Prepare for a feast of 10 stomach wrenching steps on HOW TO.. BEAT HUNGER.

You'll see hunters attacked by wild boar and super fast eaters munching on live octopus before our health gurus share the secrets of pooing right and reveal the benefits of an explosive cinnamon diet. Whether by foraging for nob shaped fungi or holding down a rotting egg this show’s the ultimate antidote for a big appetite and sure to fill your hungry eyes and bellies.

How To Get Fit

Episode 3

Squeeze into your multi-coloured leotards and strap on your pumps for 10 hardcore sweat inducing steps on HOW TO... GET FIT.

In this episode, camel-toed wonder 'Joanna' teaches us Jazzercise, Prancersise and how to perform an enema. Health guru Markus get a stalk on for his protein packed beans. We reveal weight training poodles on steroids and the dos and reveal the dos and don'ts to honing a demi-god physique.

How To Show Off Your Talent

Episode 4

If you've got it flaunt it for 10 Steps of HOW TO... SHOW OFF YOUR TALENT.

This week you'll be trained to show off your talent by can smashing boob experts, a cage fighter, a record-breaking, fast-talking model and Cara our very own leather clad Russian vegan and wannabe bond girl. Our talented gurus risk puke-inducing nerves, bowling ball balancing and the wrath of an angry guitar god to help you take your place amongst the stars, centre stage and in the spotlight.

How To Survive The End Of The World

Episode 5

If you're worried about nuclear armageddon or an army of killer zombies this week's How To... will teach you all you need to know about HOW TO...SURVIVE THE END OF THE WORLD.

You'll meet squirrel killers and a crocodile wrestler, learn to slurp up your own wee and fry woodlice while fending off a massive bear attack. We'll prep you in bushcraft with gorgeous Cara and teach you how to speak to the animals. It's explosive, it's dangerous, it's survival of the fittest.

How To Become Filthy Rich

Episode 6

Down to your last buck? Want to hang with Jay-Z, but haven't got the green? In 10 money making steps HOW TO... BECOME FILTHY RICH, you'll be bouncing your man boobs and falling off your yacht for joy. While Markus predicts the future with his expensive art, you'll meet girl's who'll do anything to marry a rich boy and discover how to crash a party in a Ferrari. Our fully loaded experts will be blasting Rolexes out the sky just for the hell of it.

How To Be A Grown Up

Episode 7

If you'd love to know how to change a light bulb without destroying your kitchen in 10 life changing steps you can learn HOW TO...BECOME A GROWN UP with a great cast of our have-a-go gurus.

When the rugger buggers get you drunk and a thieving monkey steals your passport, don't worry our stoner grannies can help you forget all about it. Whether it's experiencing the joy of sex with 'Kim' our renaissance MILF or crashing a wedding you'll learn how to transform yourself into a crappy nappy changing, cool dad rapping, cookie stealing super grown up.

How To Become A 21st Century Man

Episode 8

In 10 manly steps this episode of How To... promises to transform any boy into a real 21st Century Man with a host of internet specialists and go-for it gurus.

You'll be learning to groom lumber-sexual style with a big axe while getting in touch with your feminine side and discovering the difference between a high heel walking alpha male and a camp cowboy. You'll be playing with your nuts and cupping your balls to release the hero inside yourself, while our gurus explain how Netflix and chill might not be the best way to bed a hottie.

How To Become A 21st Century Woman

Episode 9

It's the ladies turn to take 10 lip plumping bump loving steps and learn HOW TO...BECOME A 21ST CENTURY WOMAN.

You'll learn about tripping with a shaman for a career change and stripping your eyebrow off in the name of beauty. Age defying gurus reveal their secret tips and you'll learn about the perfect angle for a selfie. While discovering how being pregnant with a mullet can make sex fun, more women get their own back with a punch to the nuts and a prank with a stuffed turkey.

How To Impress Your Friends

Episode 10

If you’d like to learn how to release your inner ninja, jump out of a plane naked or throw a party without upsetting your neighbours we’ve got 10 exciting steps to show you HOW TO...IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS.

We’ve got an epic game of ‘it’ to play before taking an ice bath with Markus and then you’ll learn how big engines and gardening equipment should never mix while an expert taxidermist introduces us to her alter of stuffed animals! You’ll witness a daring base jumper evading the cops and a brave schoolgirl driven mad by her dad’s crappy ride.

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