Inside Nature’s Giants


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The BAFTA-winning series that gets under the skin of the largest animals on the planet and reveals the anatomy of some of nature's most impressive creatures - from the Great White shark to the giant squid; Nile crocodile to giraffe; lions, tigers and bears and more. This is the inside story of how animals work, with many never-before-seen glimpses into nature's anatomical design brilliance. How do you make a dead lion roar? Or count the hidden layers of teeth in a shark's mouth? And just how heavy is a beached whale?
The evolution of nature is explored by a renowned team of biologists who literally get their hands dirty to uncover incredible facts - such as - just how powerful the Great White's bite really is, how pythons swallow whole prey as large as alligators and why male lions have their distinctive manes.

Inside Nature's Giants - Giraffe

Episode 1

Veterinary scientist Mark Evans acts as guide as a team of experts investigate the inner workings of the giraffe.

Creationists question how this extraordinary creature could have evolved such a long neck, but for Professor Richard Dawkins the anatomy of the world's tallest animal provides some of the best arguments in favour of Darwinian natural selection.

Inside Nature's Giants - Big Cats

Episode 2

This episode the experts look at two big cats – the lion and the tiger. As well as dissecting the two species at the Royal Veterinary College, they travel to South Africa to see lions in the wild.

Inside Nature's Giant - Camel

Episode 3

In this Inside Nature’s Giants episode Mark Evans and Joy Reidenberg brave the baking desert to dissect a camel. They uncover the secret of the camel’s hump and investigate how its elastic legs, stretchy lips and pedestal (a strange bump on its chest) are among the many surprising adaptations that enable the camel to thrive in such a dry and hostile environment.

Inside Nature's Giants - Dino Bird

Episode 4

The Cassowary has earned its nickname, Dinosaur Bird, due to fearsome tales of slaying men with their five inch talons. Normally subdued the large Cassowary Bird, unless feeling threatened will strut around quietly in the jungle and occasionally take a trip to the coast.

The team investigates this mysterious bird and some of its curious behaviours, such as its deep resonant mating call and how it evolved to have killer talons but stunted wings.

Inside Nature's Giants - Leatherback Turtle

Episode 5

The Inside Nature's Giants team uncover the evolutionary mystery of how turtles developed shells to protect themselves from some of the sharpest-toothed predators on the planet.

Inside Nature's Giants - Racehorse

Episode 6

The thoroughbred racehorse is one of the greatest athletes on the planet – galloping with incredible speed and stamina - for such a large animal. It is the result of unnatural selection, and exists on a knife edge between glory and catastrophic failure.

Inside Nature's Giants - Giant Squid

Episode 7

In a special dissection laboratory in Wellington, New Zealand, the team uses a swimming pool to thaw the giant squid before delving into its three hearts, razor sharp beak, tooth covered tentacles and bizarre reproductive system.

Inside Nature's Giants - Polar Bear

Episode 8

On a remote peninsula off the east coast of Greenland the Inside Nature’s Giants team join hunters and scientists waiting for polar bears to come in from the sea ice. They brave driving blizzards and freezing seas to find out how the ice bear survives such harsh conditions, where temperatures can plummet to -70º.
For the first time, the Inside Nature’s Giants team joins an international scientific expedition investigating the plight of polar bears in this region.

Inside Nature's Giants - Sperm Whale

Episode 9

In this Inside Nature’s Giants Special, the BAFTA-winning team battle through the night against a rising tide to explore the mysteries of the largest predator on Earth - the Sperm Whale.

Inside Nature's Giants - Rouge Baboon

Episode 10

Mark Evans and Joy Reidenberg travel to South Africa to dissect the first primate in the series - a huge alpha male baboon that led a band of baboons on a rampage through a Cape-town suburb - until the authorities were forced to euthanise him as he grew increasingly violent.

Inside Nature's Giants - Hippo

Episode 11

The hippopotamus is among the most dangerous animals in the world as it is highly aggressive and unpredictable. To help protect themselves from the canines of rival hippo’s they have developed inch thick skin; which proves to be a challenge for the Inside Nature’s Giants team.

Inside Nature's Giants - The Jungle

Episode 12

The team launch into a large-scale investigation of the jungle. Deep in the rainforest of Borneo they erect a high-tech dissection laboratory to investigate giant bugs and titan trees, and to reveal why the Jungle is home to the most diverse collection of living things on our planet.

Inside Nature's Giants - The Great White Shark

Episode 13

In a dramatic costal setting Joy Reidenberg leads the team in the dissection of the notorious Great White Shark. The team reveal how the inside of this carcharodon carcharias led it to be one biggest fishes in the world?

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