Secret Life Of The Cruise Ship


1 x 60'

Production company

Brinkworth Television

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Commissioning channels

Channel 5



One of the newest luxury cruise ships in the world, MSC Seaside has been the flagship of the MSC fleet since her inaugural voyage in December 2017. With 2100 guest rooms and 800 staff cabins, the Seaside is a giant floating hotel, an astonishing feat of engineering, and a glamorous holiday destination. But how does this city at sea actually work?

With privileged access to every part of the cruise’s operation, this access-all-areas special uncovers the army of people, amazing technology and complex systems that keep this extraordinary ship at the top of its game.

From the engineers who look after the Seaside’s mega engines and provide the water and electricity to keep this city running to the captain and his team of pilots who manoeuvre the huge vessel day and night. Then there's the hidden army of cooks, cleaners and cabin stewards who work together to keep all the guests happy and the 800-person catering team who manage one of the biggest food operations in the world.

Plus the film reveals the secret systems on board for dealing with the all the waste and turning it into fish food. And find out how they deal with 50,000 gallons of human waste!

Full of surprising facts and engaging characters, The Secret Life of the Cruise reveals life on board in a way that the viewer has never seen before.

Available as 1 x 60' / 90' or as a series of 4 x 60' / 90' with Secret Life of the Airport, Secret Life of the Long Haul Flight and Secret Life of the Hospital.

Brinkworth Productions’ 90-minute special was not far short of the channel’s best-performing show of the year. The film peaked with 1.9m (10%) just before 10pm, and was comfortably ahead of the channel’s slot average of 942,000 (5.2% ) ( Broadcast )

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