• The Massacre That Shook The Empire

    On 13 April 1919, British troops shot hundreds of peaceful protesters dead in India. Writer Sathnam Sanghera retraces the build-up to the massacre and examines its legacy.

  • The Great Model Railway Challenge SERIES 2

    A fast-paced show where railway modellers compete against the clock to create miniature masterpieces.

  • Prince Albert: Victorian Hero Revealed

    With access to private papers and thousands of photographs, Professor Saul David examines Albert's significant role in shaping Victorian Britain.

  • The Secret World of Your Rubbish

    This documentary series offers a fascinating insight into the lifecycle of rubbish. From sweet wrappers to road tyres, scrapping cars to excessive food waste, The Secret World of Your Rubbish gives audiences a behind the scenes look at what happens after we throw things away.

  • Victorian Sensations

    Victorian Sensations recreates the strange, decadent and futuristic world of the 1890’s exploring the art, culture and technology of the time.

  • The King Who Fooled Hitler

    2019 marked the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy. In this documentary we reveal, for the first time, one of the most audacious top secret operations of all time relating to this landmark day.

  • Bike Gangs: The Hunters And The Hunted

    There is a new type of criminal on the street: they are on two wheels and they think they are unstoppable... In this documentary, film crews go inside some of the biggest moped gangs, finding out how they operate and how they evade the police.

  • Drones: Out Of Control?

    Drones: Harmless hobby or dangerous menace? This documentary investigates what happens when these machines get too close for comfort.

  • Britain’s Best Gardens

    A beautifully-shot, through the seasons guided tour of some of the most extraordinary and historical gardens in the British Isles.

  • Student Sex Workers

    Frank and candid, this series examines the growing trend for students to fund their studies working in the sex industry.

  • World’s Busiest Stations

    With intimate, action-packed and round-the-clock access, this series explores the wonders of the World's Busiest Train Stations as never seen before.

  • Manhunt: Catch Me If You Can

    Three-part series following a 10-strong specialist tactical unit from Kent Police who track down and capture suspects who have gone on the run.

  • Critical Condition

    Unparalleled access to one of the UK's leading trauma centres. Every moment is chaotic, dramatic and unrelenting.

  • Paramedics

    Unprecedented access to life-saving work of The Scottish Ambulance Service as they respond to emergencies in the most challenging conditions.

  • Teachers Training to Kill

    Should guns be placed in schools and should teachers be trained to kill? This one-off special investigates the situation in Ohio.

  • The Abused

    Filmed over several months this award-winning special follows two women, revealing the shocking truth behind domestic abuse.

  • Secret Life Of The Cruise Ship

    With exclusive access this film follows the team responsible for the smooth running of the MSC Seaside, a giant floating hotel and one of the biggest cruise ships in the world.

  • Secret Life Of The Hospital

    Innovative and powerful, this film takes viewers to the beating heart of the hospital in a way they’ve never seen before.

  • Secret Life Of The Airport

    With unique behind-the-scenes access, this eye opening film uncovers the extraordinary day to day life of those involved in running a mega-airport.

  • New Forest

    Author and environmentalist Peter Owen-Jones spends an enchanting year across all four seasons in the New Forest exploring its wildlife, landscapes and an ancient way of life.

  • Volcanoes: Dual Destruction

    Using unique eyewitness material this film charts the story of two cataclysmic volcanic eruptions from Day One of each event.

  • Cults, Taboos & Twisted Faith

    Through survivor stories and first-hand testimony this powerful documentary reveals what it is like to belong to a cult.

  • Can Cannabis Save Our Son?

    Is cannabis oil the miracle cure that the Parker's have been looking for to cure their 18-year-old son, Max, of severe epilepsy?

  • The Great Model Railway Challenge

    The Great Model Railway Challenge will give a group of amateur craftsmen the chance to fulfil their ultimate funicular and locomotive fantasies, whilst competing against other masters of their craft.

  • Married to a Paedophile

    A journey into one of the world's most taboo subjects, The Paedophile's Wife blends documentary and drama to tell the true story of two women struggling with the aftermath of their husband's offences.

  • Me And My… – Series 2

    Following the critically acclaimed and highly emotive Me and My, a second series of three uniquely frank films based around eminently relatable, human stories.

  • Flights From Hell

    We reveal the good, the bad and the ugly we experience on our travels – filmed by the people at the heart of the action.

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