Trapped in Trauma


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Mother's Best Child

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Through a brave and personal journey, Konan, one of the UK's most successful rappers, confronts his trauma and guilt brought on by witnessing the murder
of his stepfather at the hands of gunmen sent to kill him instead.

This hugely traumatic event changed Konan's life forever and led him to develop PTSD. With intimate and unprecedented access to Konan's therapy sessions, this film raises the alarm on a hidden PTSD crisis in the UK as hundreds of thousands of people aged 16-24 go undiagnosed and untreated, with devastating consequences.

Nominated for a British Journalism Award 2023 - Category: Social Affairs, Diversity & Inclusion

This film is part of Channel 4’s popular UNTOLD strand. UNTOLD delivers defining, noisy, brave, bold, compelling and cheeky journalism on subjects that really matter to it's viewers.
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