Trapped in a Gang


1 x 60'

Production company

Longtail Films

Year of production


Commissioning channels

Channel 4



This ground-breaking film for the pioneering C4 Untold Strand ( True Stories told from all sides ) tells the stories of three teenagers - El, JJ and Kay - using their voices, anonymised images and cutting-edge, graphic novel, style animation.

With access to the special police unit trying to combat violence and the county lines drug trade, we see how officers struggle to connect with those living in the worst affected areas. The result is chaos on the streets with record numbers of stabbings and shootings involving teenagers. But this film does offer real hope from those who are making it their mission to help teenagers leave gang life behind.

This film is part of Channel 4’s popular UNTOLD strand. UNTOLD delivers defining, noisy, brave, bold, compelling and cheeky journalism on subjects that really matter to it's viewers.

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