Bike Gangs: The Hunters And The Hunted


1 x 60'

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Offline Films

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Channel 5

Moped crime is on the increase and no-one is more angry about it than the bike community.

In this one hour exposé cameras are given exclusive access to this dangerous world. Filmed undercover, the gangs speak about what motivates them and the lengths they'll go to in order to evade capture. On the other side of the story, the film follows the Met’s specialist task force ‘Operation Venice’, witnessing new and evolving police methods such as ‘controlled tactical contact’, where the police car knocks the perpetrator off their bike to stop the chase. In a further attempt to stop these crimes, vigilante groups have also stepped into the fray to scare the gangs off - but are they a help or a hindrance to the police?

Through a mixture of first hand, self-shot testimony, crew-led actuality, archive and police footage, Bike Gangs: The Hunters and the Hunted offers a 360 degree look at the issue of moped-enabled crime, revealing just how far-reaching this new crime wave has become.

Broadcast on Channel 5 under the title 'Snatch & Grab: Moped Gangs on the Rampage' on 24 June 2019 at 10pm. The documentary attracted 522 000 viewers, which was 2% up for both volume and share versus a 13-week slot average.

Available as 1 x 60'

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