Married to a Paedophile


1 x 90'/60'

Production company

Brinkworth Television

Year of production


Commissioning channels

Channel 4

What happens when your husband is arrested for downloading indecent images of children? Is it the end of your marriage, the end of your family?
A journey into one of the world's most taboo subjects, Married to a Paedophile blends documentary and drama to tell the true story of two women struggling with the aftermath of their husband's offences.
Part documentary part drama, the film combines hours of real recordings with beautifully crafted lip-synced performances by actors. It is a unique and powerful way to tackle a difficult and important subject, whilst giving a voice to those who don't normally have the courage - or opportunity - to be heard.

Brinkworth Television uses an innovative technique that combines the honesty of present tense documentary storytelling with the precision and visual power of drama.
As the identities of the main contributors had to remain anonymous, as the fear of reprisals was too great, Brinkworth decided on a creative solution by effectively creating an audio documentary with the families. Then, with the audio documentary complete, they began to film the drama.
Led by a strong cast, including RTS and BAFTA- nominated actress Sinead Keenan, actors learnt to lip-sync the words of the audio documentary. Simply put, the audiences would see actresses and actors, but hear the real voices of the families.

Broadcast Award Winner 2019 - Best Original Programme

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