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This observational documentary series follows the vital and surprisingly uplifting day-to-day activities of a hospice - the place where people with a terminal illness go to spend their final days.
But far from doom and gloom, the hospice is full of life. What would you do if you knew you didn't have long to live? This series is about those with absolutely nothing to lose, living their last days to the full and surrounded by their loved ones.
From entertaining day classes to jovial kitchen staff through to home visits and even a children's club, the staff and patients of the hospice remind us what life is really all about - living!

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Episode 1

Episode 1

In this, the first episode of new series ‘The Hospice’, we are introduced to some of the medical professionals, support staff, therapists, volunteers, patients and their loved ones who live and work at the ellenor hospice in Gravesend.

Ellenor Hospice has a fifteen-bed in-patient ward delivering palliative care to terminally ill patients. It’s a place where patients and their families can enjoy some final precious time together. It’s here that we meet Jill who has a terminal brain tumour. During her time at the hospice, Jill will be under the care of Specialty Doctor Nikki Anne Rodwell. She welcomes Jill and her family to the ward and discusses their next steps.

Over 90% of the care that the hospice delivers is within patients’ own homes. In this episode we meet Palliative Care Nurse Specialist on her rounds, treating terminally ill patients who live in the community.

And we also get a guided tour of ellenor’s on-site kitchen, courtesy of catering manager Dan and his team.

Ellenor hospice provides a fun and safe environment for children with life limiting illnesses too. In this episode we spend time with the care team at The Children’s Fun Club - and get a glimpse at the emotional toll caring for sick youngsters can have on these professionals.

Episode 2

Episode 2

In this episode of ‘The Hospice’ we are reintroduced to patient Jill who is suffering from a terminal brain tumour. Jill’s family are by her bedside offering her love and support. She’s also receiving care from Sally in the form of complimentary therapies such as massage and aromatherapy.

Later we meet the hospice’s resident chaplain, Ben, who offers spiritual support to patients and their loved ones. Ben is hoping to meet patient Jill, but before he has a chance to chat with her, Jill dies unexpectedly. Even the normally rock-solid Ben appears shaken by this unexpected turn of events.

Ward Manager Jo has her hands full, preparing the way for the arrival of a new patient who is in need of very specific care. David has a rare auto-immune disease that causes his own body to attack his internal organs. It has left him blind and unable to breath without the use of a special tube. If that tube were to become dislodged, it would be fatal for David, so it’s vital the hospice staff know what action to take should that happen.

He may be gravely ill but David still has an appetite and he particularly loves curries. Once Dave is safely settled in at ‘ellenor’, his brother Nick is dispatched to a local Indian restaurant to purchase his favorite dish.

One of the many services The Hospice provides is much needed respite for carers in the community. Sue is a full time carer for her husband Terence. Today, respite Nurse Linda has come over to look after Terence while Sue goes to visit her daughter in law, who runs a cattery!

Episode 3

Episode 3

This episode of "The Hospice” shines a light on the vital services that ‘ellenor' provides to the wider community.

Hannah is a member of the Hospice Respite Team. She’s spending the afternoon with 12year-old Ciara who suffers from Epiderma Bullosa, a skin condition for which there is currently no cure. Any contact, no matter how minor, causes her skin to come out in painful blisters, so Ciara wears bandages all over her body for protection. But like any other kid, Ciara likes enjoying herself, and Hannah will make sure their time together is as fun as possible.

We also meet Karen, 48, who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumour. She is a new referral and has an upcoming hospital appointment to find out whether or not she is strong enough to receive chemo and radiotherapy - but will the results be the ones her and husband Ashley are hoping for?

Back at the hospice, Carers Cuppa (a support group for carers) is in full swing. There we meet George, who has been caring for his mother and wife for 55 years. Later we meet Linda, who lost her husband two years ago, and is now finally ready to part with some of his belongings.

The hospice's two minibuses have been targeted by thieves and vital components have been stolen, rendering them immobile! Will the local community pull together to get them back on the road?

And after 11 years of service , it's finally time for the hospice's groundsman, Roger, to retire. His friends and colleagues give him a send off to remember!

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