Social Media Murders: The Murder of Olly Stephens


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Angel Eye Media

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This shocking true crime doc tells the tragic story of 13 year old Olly Stephens who was brutally murdered in a park, lured there to meet a girl. Chillingly the attack was inspired by the use of knives on social media.

Police launched a huge investigation to figure out exactly who was responsible for Olly’s death and why it happened. They spoke to 289 witnesses, seized 41 devices and trawled through thousands of social media messages, including 2000 voice notes. An unprecedented 90% of the evidence in this case was from teenagers' smartphones and social media messages. This was a social media murder in the purest sense….

Despite attempts to destroy evidence by the killers, after a grueling 5 week trial, two boys (then 13 & 14) were convicted of murder. A 13 year old girl was also convicted of manslaughter for luring Olly to the park where he was murdered. What struck the police whilst sifting through the mountain of videos, photos and screengrabs was the persona that the 13 and 14 year-olds linked to the case were presenting online. Completely at odds with the reality of their middle class suburban lives.

This is a story of the countdown to a calculated murder, fuelled by the glorification of knife culture on social media, and the investigation that follows.

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Screener: Social Media Murders: The Murder of Olly Stephens