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4 x 60'

Production company

Brinkworth Productions

Year of production


Commissioning channels

Channel 5



Washington (WT) is a new & innovative four part series for Channel 5 which reimagines the docu-soap for a new generation and showcases life on a modern estate as never seen before.

Filmed over several months, this warm-hearted series takes viewers inside the homes and lives of the residents of Washington, a new town in the north east of England. Set in a big and busy area across several housing estates and featuring a returning cast of relatable characters, this series will capture life as it really is through the eyes of the locals.

Full of engaging stories and distinct perspectives, the programmes will feature families as they take on challenges both big and small. Diving behind closed doors and going inside homes with both estate staff and residents, we’ll uncover stories of all shapes and sizes – from the complex and heart-breaking to the upbeat and life-affirming. Honest, accessible and character-driven, this series will be a crafted and returnable journey inside one of Britain’s bright and bustling estates.

Jane Preston is the Series Producer/Director and Malcolm Brinkworth, Xander Brinkworth and Tom Clarke are the Executive Producers.

Episode One

Episode 1

Business is booming for 38-year-old fitness guru and entrepreneur Jonny, but after complaints about noise and parking issues, his gym has been threatened with closure.

Episode Two

Episode 2

Episode Three

Episode 3

Episode Four

Episode 4

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