Spring Gardening with Carol Klein


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In Spring Gardening with Carol Klein, the gardening expert introduces us to flower power from her Devon cottage. Filmed from her home Glebe Cottage in Devon, where Carol has tended her own grounds for more than 40 years, Carol gives tips and advice to everyone from complete novices to experienced gardeners. She'll also share what she’ll be doing in her own garden to get it looking tip-top before the warmer weather finally arrives.

Spring is really settling in at Carol Klein’s delightful garden and she’s celebrating some of the season’s most beautiful - and tiny - flowering treasures: how to choose them, how to plant them, and how to care for them so that they thrive and multiply, and provide a wonderful spring display year after year.

And if you have never heard of hepaticas, you will be thrilled by Carol’s introduction to this gorgeous group of flowering spring treasures: they are so easy to cultivate if you follow Carol’s advice. And if you do know this lovely plant family, there are some delicious varieties to enjoy that you will never have seen before.

But Carol never neglects the veg patch, follow her step by step advice about how to grow one from your very own seed.

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