Autumn Gardening with Carol Klein


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Gardening expert Carol Klein continues to enthral and help Britain’s gardeners from her own cottage garden in Devon - this time, during this year’s autumn season.

Carol has been honing her horticultural skills at Glebe Cottage for more than 40 years. Week by week, and always working hand in hand with Mother Nature, she explains how she nurtures her own garden throughout the season, and shows us how she carries out autumnal tasks and projects, just at the time when we need to know.
From complete novices to experienced gardeners, Carol will equip you with the skills and inspiration to make your spring garden grow - just as it’s happening in your own outdoor space.

Episode 1

Carol Klein shows off some of the seasonal changes at the Glebe Cottage Garden.

Episode 2

Carol is shining a light on grasses in all their autumnal glory as they shimmer.

Episode 3

Carol explores the rich variety of autumn berries growing outside her dazzling garden.

Episode 4

It's bulb time at Glebe cottage and a wide array of tulips are sprouting flowers.

Episode 5

Autumn is truly here, with trees and shrubs beginning to show their seasonal changes.

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