Savile: Portrait of a Predator


1 x 60'

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Voltage TV

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10 years ago, an investigation into sex offences committed by the late British entertainer Jimmy Savile was silently dropped by the BBC. Instead, the organisation aired a special tribute to the eccentric TV star.

In death as in life, it seemed Savile was protected by a culture of silence that permeated Britain’s biggest establishments.

For over 50 years, the police, the NHS, the BBC – even the Government itself – had allowed Britain’s most prolific sex offender to use his celebrity status to hide in plain sight.

But the scandal ran too deep to be contained forever...

10 years on, this explosive film tracks the unstoppable domino effect unleashed after his true nature was first revealed, analysing a career criminal who used his profile and popularity, to create opportunities to abuse.

Speaking to police, journalists, social workers, victims and former friends, this documentary paints the complete picture of a chilling abuser and earth-shattering scandal, hidden in plain sight for so long.

Consolidated Ratings: 2.7m

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