Drones: Out Of Control?


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In December 2018, a drone attack brought Gatwick Airport to its knees - over 1,000 flights and 140,000 people were affected. In this one hour documentary, reporter Justin Rowlatt investigates exactly what happened during the Gatwick attack and sheds new light on how the incident unfolded. Using detailed accounts from industry experts and footage filmed in the days following the attack, he reveals the timeline of events and key moments in the drama. Featuring key archive footage, this film charts the events of the attack, speaking to key individuals and experts to shed new light on what really happened - and importantly, whether it could happen again.

The film also explores the rise of drone use (and abuse) across the globe looking at similar incidents across the world and recent drone crash test results. The doc also asks if there is a more positive role for drones in our future - for police and rescue operations, in mining and industrial applications and for some exciting future innovations.

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