Highgrove House: A Royal Residence


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Wildflame Productions

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Highgrove House is a very different kind of royal residence. Hidden away in the Cotswolds surrounded by around 1000 acres of land, the once unimpressive country house was chosen by the King to be his private family home.

Unlike the many priceless royal palaces and castles that have been in the family for centuries, Highgrove is his alone and was bought in 1980 for less than 1 million pounds – a royal fixer upper that’s been transformed by the King into a favourite place to get away from it all

This documentary takes us inside the world of this 18th Century Georgian country house revealing what’s inside, what goes on behind closed doors and the incredible transformation that lies behind the high security walls and elegant yew hedges that now surround it.

Unlike other Royal Residences, Highgrove House was a blank canvas - somewhere King Charles could make truly his own, somewhere his sons William and Harry, and now his grandchildren, can be themselves – somewhere he can entertain away from pomp and ceremony and prying eyes.

A strong cast - including former royal staff, garden experts, journalists and historians – divulge the fascinating stories of this unusual royal favourite, revealing what it’s really like, and how and why it became King Charles’s most-loved private retreat.

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Screener: Highgrove House: A Royal Residence