World’s Busiest Stations


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Tim Pritchard Productions

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Channel 5



With unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the World's Busiest Stations this series buys a unique first-class ticket to the secret life of the station! It follows station staff, train drivers, track maintenance crews and transport police as they battle through human drama, travel disruption and engineering challenges to keep trains on time and passengers on track.

Open 24 hours a day these amazing institutions are places of noise, colour and stunning architecture, but they are also symbols of their country - a window into the culture and history of their city and to the stories of those who live there and pass through.

Revealing the workings of the world's railways as never before, this series captures the daily dramas and challenges from stations around the world.

Series one is available as 4 x 60'

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Penn and Central Station_USA

Episode 1

This episode follows life at Penn Station NYC. 700,000 passengers a day pass through the station making it the busiest in the Western Hemisphere. But there are plans to make it even bigger as the station is currently undergoing a multi-billion dollar revitalisation and railroad infrastructure reconstruction.


Episode 2

This episode follow life at Flinders Street, the oldest and busiest station in the Southern Hemisphere, with 28 million passengers a year. Will major revitalisation work to the station keep it up to speed with the spurt in passenger traffic?

Zurich Hauptbahnhof_Switzerland

Episode 3

Zurich Hauptbahnof is the busiest station in Europe with 3,000 trains a day passing through its platforms. Also it is one of the most technologically advanced ever built - passing over three rivers - and is the hub of a complex network jigsaw which serves 150 million people a year.


Episode 4

This episode follows life at Howrah Junction, India's busiest rail hub where thousands of staff, including over 200 cleaners, struggle to manage the arrival and departure of 700 trains a day.

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