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Me and My - Following the critically acclaimed and highly emotive "My Name Is... And I'm An Alcoholic", this series will offer five more uniquely frank films based around different, eminently relatable, human stories of desperation, transformation and life at its most raw. Told once again by real people down the lens, each story is in turn honest and brave, and at times, humorous and heartbreaking.

"My Name Is... And I'm An Alcoholic" is also available to license with this series - for more information or to order screeners, please email

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Me And My Eating Disorder

Episode 1

An eating disorder says much more about the mind than it does the body. Anorexia, body dysmorphia, bulimia, binge eating - are the external expression of the turmoil within and in this film we hear why.

With unflinching honesty, eight very different but relatable characters reveal how their lives unravelled once they began to use food to modify their emotions - whether battling stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness or shame. Their stories teach us that the payback for hosting an eating disorder is extreme: debilitating physical side effects, from skin disorders, unsightly hair growth and nasty internal infections, to playing with fertility, organ failure and even death.

This touching film reveals how and why these brave individuals recovered and what impact their illness has had on their lives and the people around them.

Me And My Mental Illness

Episode 2

What does if feel like to experience a flash of rage so all-consuming that for a moment, you lose all awareness of the world around you; an anxiety so crippling, you couldn't possibly leave your house; a compulsion to repeat obsessive, destructive and seemingly pointless behaviours preventing you from holding down a job?

Each of these stories sound extreme but they all have the unifying symptom of something familiar to all of us - anxiety. In this poignant film, we hear the stories of eight victims and survivors of mental illness and chart their descent into 'insanity': the first signs of their world falling into disorder; the behaviours they developed; the triggers, strategies and medications they tried; their rock bottoms and relapses and ultimately how they fought their way to recovery.

Me And My Affair

Episode 3

1 in 3 of us will at some point be affected by an affair. in this film we hear from both sides of the affair - the husband and the wife - as contributors share with explosive honesty the details of their affairs: how it started; when the boundary between platonic and sexual crossed; the thrills they felt; the guilt they ignored; the little lies they told; the elaborate stories they constructed; the lives they built outside of their own marriage. We'll explore the release of confession or the devastation of discovery - and the people left in its wake.

By hearing from different people in pain, those full of regret and from those whose lives are changed for the better because of the affair, this episode aims to both remove the stigma of not talking about it and challenges our instinct to judge harshly.

Me And My Body

Episode 4

Each of our bodies is different and unique; some strikingly different from the so-called 'norm'. Through illness, accident, genetic deficiency, attack or just the way we were born, some of us will always stand out from the crowd. This film tells the story of 8 remarkable individuals who cope daily with stares, whispers, disability and 'special' treatment, because of the way that they look. Through their frank and honest testimony, we come to understand the highs and lows of having an unusual body.

Me And My Face

Episode 5

We live in a society obsessed with perfect beauty. Although we know looks are superficial, we automatically judge on first appearances: when it is your face that is affected, there is no hiding. With direct, piece-to-camera interviews, this film explores the vulnerabilities, bravery and breaking points of those born with, or those who have developed, facial disfigurements. Where curious stares, snide comments, strange looks and taunting remarks are a part of everyday life. This powerful, frank and stripped-back documentary provides a rare, privileged and compelling insight into the lives of those whose appearance affects everything they do, challenging our attitudes to those of us who look different.

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