Cults, Taboos & Twisted Faith


1 x 60'

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Phoenix Television

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Step inside the dark, sinister and complex world of cults and sects, where the power of one can lead to the ultimate control of many. Through survivor stories and first-hand testimony this documentary reveals how the ‘desire to belong’ can collide with the abuse of power, leading to dangerous and life-changing situations. Most ‘victims’ are seemingly ordinary people who become trapped in an organisation intent on destroying their belief system. But how do cults and sects start? What makes people join? And when do people realise they need to get out?

Survivors of The Children of God, The O and The Exclusive Brethren talk about their experiences – how it feels to be brainwashed and how they have managed to re-build their lives since - whilst experts on the subject discuss the psychological angle, the danger of extreme cults and how to recognise mind control in the early stages.

Availability: November 2018

Trailer and Screener coming soon. Please contact for more information.

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