The Accused


1 x 60'

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Brinkworth Films

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Channel 5



'No one has ever told the story of what it feels like when your world is turned upside-down and you are facing serious charges that can send you to jail' - Malcom Brinkworth (Executive Producer), The Independent

When you are accused of a serious crime, everything is at stake. Your family, your friendships, your freedom. Every part of your life will come under scrutiny. Caught on the wrong side of the law and with the evidence mounting, could you cope? Or would you crack under the pressure? Only you know if you are telling the truth. Are you innocent or guilty?

In a series of stand-alone films, The Accused tells the dramatic stories of people at the most vital and most terrifying moment of their lives. With unprecedented access, it reveals the true inside story of what happens when you are accused of a crime. Featuring the defendant, their family and their lawyers, it reveals the personal cost of every charge, watching each case unfold from the defendant’s point of view. It shares every twist and turn of this traumatic experience from their first meeting with their lawyers right up to the verdict.

'Gripping and groundbreaking, if emotionally raw to watch' - The Telegraph

'One of the most brilliant pieces of television I have seen for a long time, heartily recommend it’ - Kevin O'Sullivan

‘A remarkable film which has the potential to create a new genre in television’ - The Independent

Premiered on Channel 5 @ 9pm on 6th February 2017 achieving a solid 1.3 million/5% share.

Award Nominations: RTS Awards 2018 -nominated ‘Best Single Documentary’; Broadcast Awards 2018 - nominated 'Best Original Programme'; Grierson Awards 2017 - shortlisted for 'Best Single Documentary'; The AIBS 2017 - nominated in the ‘Best Human Interest Documentary’ category.

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Episode 1 Kenzey

Episode 1

This episode follows the case of 23 year old Kenzey, a young mother charged with failing to protect her baby daughter from a violent assault by her boyfriend – an assault that left her child brain damaged and severely disabled. She denies the charges.

Just falling under suspicion has seen Kenzey labelled a child abuser and her family life destoyed: her children have been taken away from her and Kenzey’s boyfriend has been remanded in custody.

Now living alone and 9 weeks away from trial, Kenzey – who’s never been accused of a crime before – faces up to 10 years in prison if she’s found guilty.

This film follows Kenzey and her legal team as she fights for her reputation, her freedom and her family.

1 x 90' version also available

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