A Very British Job Agency


4 x 60'

Production company

Drummer TV

Year of production


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This eye opening, four–part series follows dynamic and ambitious recruitment boss Sarah Duke and her team as they struggle to find and keep workers in a post–Brexit and mid–pandemic employment landscape.

During the pandemic, recruitment agencies have been labelled the “fourth emergency service”, as they frantically try to match workers with vacancies. It's a 24/7 job for the agents to find reliable recruits for a growing list of businesses and they will stop at nothing to make sure their clients get what they need.

Sarah runs a no-nonsense team of recruiters and has been in the business for 25 years, but as the team emerge from lockdown the challenges have only just begun. After months of staying in and working online, can they steer disillusioned young people into the booming gig economy? And with the Eastern European workforce no longer available post-Brexit, will there be enough willing workers to fill their shoes?

Sarah is never shy of a fight, but now she really has her work cut out for her!

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