Cause of Death Series 1


4 x 60'

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Channel 5



In a ground-breaking television series, we start with a body in the mortuary. That body is the key to an unfolding detective story, which works out who the body belongs to, how they died and whether it here was foul play. With 360 access to the coroner (and his team); the police; the mortuary; the autopsies - we discover the clues the body reveals, following wherever those clues lead us to discover whodunnit...and how. Using the pioneering scientific detective tools wielded by our coroner and his team, this is death
investigated in a way we've never seen before.

With the thrill and suspense of dramas like 'Silent Witness' and the emotional impact of 'Surgeons:
At the Edge of Life’, our cases are complex, intricate and compelling. Each film is an emotionally-led and scientifically-fuelled, true crime-inspired detective story. With the possibility of foul play shadowing our every move, we are gripped until the answers are revealed.

Ep 1 attracted 1.575 million viewers / 8.81% share - up 42% on the previous week's slot.

Ep 2 - attracted 1.648 million viewers/7.75% share

Ep 3 - attracted 1.558 million viewers/8.43% share

Ep 4 - attracted 1.655 million viewers/6.9% share

A Last night Out

Episode 1

Dr Adeley and his team attempt to uncover the truth behind a series of unsolved cases.

The Man in the Bathtub

Episode 2

A woman calls the police worried there's water flowing out from her neighbours front door.

The Man on the Bridge

Episode 3

A young man is pulled unconscious from the water below a high bridge.

A Knock at the Door

Episode 4

Emergency service workers wrestle to keep a man alive after an RTA.

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