Peter: The Human Cyborg


1 x 60'

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Cardiff Productions

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Channel 4



In 2017, doctors diagnosed brilliant robotics scientist Peter Scott-Morgan with a fast-acting form of Motor Neurone Disease. They thought they'd delivered a premature death sentence. In fact, they gave Peter his life's purpose: to become the world's first true cyborg. Peter has no intention of dying early and in this specialist factual documentary, we follow him on an extraordinary adventure to a new frontier.

Like radical self-experimenters who throughout history have revolutionised science, Peter wants to combine surgery, alternative therapies, engineering, robotics and Artificial Intelligence to live a long, happy and relatively independent life with husband Francis. In an emotional transformation which sees his physical condition deteriorate, Peter and his team attempt to capture as much of his old self as possible - from synthesized speech to a facial avatar. Unprecedented access charts his journey as a human guinea pig to eventually become 'Peter 2.0'. His mission: to test cutting edge tech on himself so that in a few years it can be affordable and accessible for anyone facing extreme disability.

"★★★★★" Financial Times

“It’s a remarkable if unnerving account of what it means to be human and what technology can really achieve.” Sunday Telegraph

"The documentary covers one of the boldest transitions ever undertaken using technology." Financial Times

“Eye-opening documentary.” Sunday Express

“Fascinating and extremely moving documentary.” The Sun

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