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Doctor Amir Khan is a self-confessed sugar-lover. However, as a much-loved TV doctor, he does the responsible thing, encouraging those addicted to the sweet stuff to eat less sugar. But he's seen how they've struggled so he is about to conduct a ground-breaking experiment on his own body.

Over one month, Dr Amir will become addicted to sugar, eating a stomach-churning, teeth-rotting 177g of sugar (that's 44 sugar cubes) a day, charting the effect on his mind and body with a diary cam. After taking his diet to the sweet extreme and getting himself hooked, he'll have to wean himself off the white stuff and kick the sugar habit once and for all.

Sugar Crash is a gripping documentary following an unusual experiment which results in some surprising findings, particularly around our emotional connections to sugar.

As the experts study his responses, they'll attempt to get to the heart of the debate: is sugar addictive?

Sugar Crash

Episode 1

In this ground-breaking, one-off documentary, Dr Amir Kahn (GPs: Behind Closed Doors) puts his physical and mental health on the line as he consumes vast amounts of processed sugar, in an attempt to turn himself into a full blown sugar addict!

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