Manhunt: Catch Me If You Can


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Brinkworth Television

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Channel 5



Every day, across the UK, there are tens of thousands of people who are wanted for arrest by the police.  Walking free on the streets, they might be hardened criminals, bail jumpers or people who have failed to show up at court to face justice, 
This three-part series follows a 10-strong specialist tactical unit from Kent Police who track down and capture suspects who have gone on the run. Featuring dramatic manhunts and stake-outs, investigations and chases – Wanted For Arrest follows the unit as they attempt to bring offenders in and deliver them to justice.

Series averaged 1.1 million viewers (4.9%)

Episode 1

Episode 1

This week the team are on the hunt for a potentially high-risk offender who is wanted for his part in a violent raid where terrified victims were tied up, stabbed and pistol whipped. The wanted man has been evading justice for a year. After tracking him down to a sprawling estate in London, the team need to maximize the element of surprise. How will he react when the unit knock on the door?
Their next case sees them chasing down some very different criminals. Two women who are partners in life and crime are wanted for arrest; one already has 76 previous arrests to her name. The pair have failed to turn up at court to face theft charges and it appears they have no intention of handing themselves in.  The team head to the women’s flat to see if they can catch them out. But the pair decide to make a run for it. Can the unit catch them before they disappear?
Finally, the team are briefed to track down a particularly elusive burglar. He’s a repeat offender who is stealing goods to feed a drug habit.  He’s living off grid and with no job, home or family, he is proving hard to locate.  Armed only with information on where he may pick up a methadone prescription, the specialist team mount a patient surveillance operation.  But will their man walk into the trap?

Episode 2

Episode 2

This week the team of arrest specialists are on the trail of a fraudster who has breached the terms of his probation and is wanted for prison recall.  Incredibly the man has managed to evade arrest for almost three years. Now new intelligence has come in on the man’s whereabouts and the team finally have a chance to catch him. But they need to launch a dynamic operation if they’re going to have a chance of returning him to prison to serve out the rest of his sentence.
Their next case sees them on the hunt for a young burglar, who has stolen a firearm from an elderly man and is a known drug user. The team search various places where they think the young man might be, but getting information on his movements is not straightforward. With a firearm on the loose, will the team be able to find and arrest him? 
The specialist unit is based in Kent, but they will pursue offenders who are evading them, wherever they may be.  The team now head to Edinburgh to locate a man accused of violent disorder at a far-right demonstration in Dover.  He’s already been arrested once and failed to appear in court. Tracking him down to Scotland, the unit are determined to ensure that he faces justice. But making their way onto an unfamiliar and forboding looking housing estate at dawn, the team have no idea what to expect.  
Their final target is closer to home, but this time wanted elsewhere. The unit have been alerted to a man who is wanted on a European Arrest Warrant for a serious assault and stabbing in Lithuania.  The team mount an operation at the house where they think he is; but can they rely on the man’s housemates not to tip him off?

Episode 3

Episode 3

This week the team face a major manhunt.  A convicted murderer, out on license from prison, is suspected of committing a serious assault with a knife and has gone on the run. He poses a potential risk to the public and the team urgently need to find him.  Drawing on all of their resources, they hunt day and night, gradually closing in on their target. As they eke out intelligence and search squats, hostels and homeless haunts, the team expose the stark reality of a life with little left to lose.
Their next target is also a potentially violent offender.  Members of the team travel to London to mount a surveillance operation on a man thought to be part of a 20-strong gang, which committed a vicious attempted burglary.  He’s been evading justice for a year, but now the team have intelligence that he has an appointment at an office.  They set off to apprehend him, but identifying the right man and detaining him in a busy London location is going to be a challenge.
While not every suspect is violent, many are seasoned in the art of evasion – and the specialist tactical team know every trick in the book. They’re on the trail of a serial shoplifter who’s failed once again to turn up at court.  The man is known to hide or run when police come to call, so when his partner stalls the officers at the door, they know that something is afoot. Can the unit trap him and bring him to justice? 

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