Teachers Training to Kill


1 x 60'

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Sundog Pictures

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Channel 4



Should guns be placed in schools and should teachers be trained to kill? This is one of America’s most divisive debates with at least 14 US States allowing teachers to be armed. This one-off special investigates the situation in Ohio where the Mayor is campaigning for teachers to be armed, but he faces strong opposition from many parents and students who believe guns have no place in America’s schools.

‘FASTER' is a special summer school – a ‘concealed carry course’ dedicated solely to teachers. The film follows new recruits who travel across the country for this ‘violence response training programme’, learning how to become an armed guard in their own classroom. At the end of the the course they will be expected to carry a gun to school every day. But if the time came, could they pull the trigger?

From award-winning director Kira Phillips.

“Certain documentaries both inform and enrage you, forcing you to keep watching even as you worry for your blood pressure throughout. That was certainly the case with Kira Phillips’ intelligent and searing Teachers Training to Kill.”

Available ahead of the 20th Anniversary of the Columbine High School shootings on 20th April 2019.

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