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Five years on from his break-out appearance in Pineapple Dance Studios, international TV celebrity Louie Spence has found that his showbusiness bookings have somewhat slowed down, so he's landed himself a prestigious new job 'just as an insurance policy' – driving a mini cab around Harlow in Essex.

To prepare for this momentous change in career, Louie has taken a real minicab driving test, got himself a proper private operators license and been offered a real job by Metro Cars in Harlow - where he is preparing to launch himself onto an unsuspecting local public as a regular taxi driver.  

Louie will be picking up and dropping off real punters, sometimes following them on to interesting jobs, nights out or dates - whether that's training with a gorgeous footballer, going greyhound racing or getting a spray tan from one of his rides.  Add in to this the potential for the odd celebrity passenger, a tempestuous and often flirtatious relationship with Metro cars' radio dispatch operator and the day-to-day shenanigans of a real-life taxi office, and you've got a recipe for a joyous and fun mix of real-world actuality and Louie's traditional break out 'happenings'.

Premiered on Sky 1 at 9pm on Saturday 2nd July, averaging 86,000 viewers (on par with 0.49% average share). Audience skewed heavily female at nearly 60% and more than half of audience were 35-54s.

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