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Our lives have never been more stressful.
Could an ancient spiritual practice be the answer to our problems?
In this TV first, we broadcast a yoga class from start to finish.
So relax, unwind, and join in…

There are 30,000 yoga classes a week in the UK. This is a schedule disrupting, completely different type of TV programme that takes viewers on transformatory journey of deep relaxation, via the best yoga class in the country - brought directly into their own sitting room.

But it's not just a stretch-along-at-home exercise class – it’s a way of tackling, head-on, the anxieties of our nation, by using the power of television for good.

Hot Body, Hot Yoga sees a regular cast of real British yoga enthusiasts arrive at our spacious and great looking yoga studio. And then uniquely, we play the entire class out in real time. No back stories, interviews or other distractions, just the voice of the teacher and the class going their routines.

Our yoga teacher will bend and reposition the students, explaining what the different poses do and what benefits they give. The room will be hot and the bodies hotter.

We want the viewers to genuinely fall in love with learning yoga. The aim of the show is to offer something completely different that boosts your strength, flexibility and sense of well-being.

UK Premiere on Channel 5 on Tuesday 5th June @ 10pm

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