The Secret World of Your Rubbish


3 x 60'

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Channel 5

Every year, we throw away millions of tonnes of rubbish - but what happens to it after it disappears down your dustbin?

With exclusive access to waste companies
, recyclers and those working with rubbish on a daily basis, The Secret World of Your Rubbish follows every conceivable waste journey. We discover how a food wrapper gets turned into road tyres; how 90% of an aeroplane finds a second wind; and exactly how much food we waste on a daily basis. We meet the hidden army of waste workers who relentlessly hand-sort what we often mindlessly throw away and gain a better understanding of the sheer scale of the machines which pulverise plastic, cars and even aeroplanes.

This is not just any old trashy tale though...this documentary series combines a great mix of characters and unusual stories to create engaging television on a very serious subject.

Available as 3 x 60' for GLOBAL RECYCLING DAY March 2023

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Episode 3

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