Heroes Of Helmand


1 x 60'

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Testimony Films

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Channel 4



Wednesday 18th May 2016 marked the tenth anniversary of the start of the battle of Musa Qala, one of the most miraculous feats of survival in British military history. For the first time we tell this epic story of heroism, courage and endurance. But it is also an inspirational narrative of humanity, sacrifice and transcendental love.

Although they were originally sent into the town for just three days, the British commanded garrison of the dusty Afghan town of Musa Qala was cut off sixty miles behind the enemy lines for four months; four months in which the tiny enclave was surrounded and under almost continuous attack by thousands of fanatical Taliban. The small band of besieged brothers survived in spite of chronic shortages of food, water and ammunition; and being surrounded and outnumbered by an enemy that would gladly have beheaded them all if they had breached the defences. Yet by the end of the battle the Taliban had lost hundreds of men. The British had lost just three.

We know how savage the fighting was at Musa Qala because so many soldiers recorded their experiences on video. Their never-before- seen footage is some of the most gut wrenching and visceral ever filmed in the midst of battle. It is a unique record of a band of brothers - bonded in extreme adversity.

WINNER of Best Factual Programme, RTS West Of England Awards 2017
WINNER at New York Film and Television Festival 2017

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