Gregg Wallace: The British Miracle Meat


1 x 30'

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Untold Studios

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With food prices soaring, Gregg Wallace ( Inside the Factory ) investigates a controversial new lab-grown meat which has been genetically engineered from human tissue. It's makers claim could this new meat source could provide a solution to the cost-of-living crisis.

Wallace's investigation features a tour of Good Harvest, a secret food industry in Lincolnshire that has succeeded in making cheap and fresh meat from human tissues in the form of cakes. The donors were paid "two weeks' worth of energy bills" for about a pound of flesh. The meat samples were grown in the laboratory, and genetically modified using the flesh cells to produce large pieces of meat. Wallace then travels to London for a taste test at Le Gavroche with Michel Roux Jr.

Airing to a completely unsuspecting audience it was later revealed to be a satirical mockumentary. The Guardian reported it as "one of the best hoaxes in media history".

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Screener: Gregg Wallace: The British Miracle Meat