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Calum Best, Lauren Goodger, Marnie Simpson, Nikki Grahame, Christopher Maloney and Danielle Lloyd offer us unprecedented access to their private lives and personal crises as they undergo intensive therapy with one of the UK’s leading specialists, Mandy Saligari.

In a bid to understand who each celebrity really is, Mandy explores every aspect of their pasts: troubled childhoods and love affairs, infidelity and divorce, abuse and addiction, obsessions with fame and media courtship, financial strife and career catastrophe, the brutality of having - and losing - it all.

Filmed via a fixed camera rig, this series combines the privileged intimacy of the therapy room, with interviews from closest family and friends, Celebrities: In Therapy reveal the UK’s best known celebrities as never before.

Celebrities In Therapy - Series 1 (5 x 60') also available.
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Lauren Goodger: In Therapy

Episode 1

Lauren Goodger was plucked from obscurity to become a household name in the hit reality TV show The Only Way is Essex. Basking in the glory of the media spotlight, Lauren’s private life quickly became public property with her no holds barred attitude to her relationship with on-off boyfriend Mark Wright and her female co-stars.

Since breaking up with her first love and leaving the show that made her famous, Lauren’s continued to live a life packed with drama. She’s dominated and manipulated the headlines - whether it’s for her yo-yoing weight, doomed romances or controversial reality show appearances.

But behind Lauren’s fiery exterior, lies the pain of a fractured childhood as she bounced between her divorced father and mother’s homes, and struggled to find her place within their new families.

With the help of renowned therapist Mandy Saligari, Lauren wants to find out how these childhood experiences are shaping the decisions she’s making in life today.
Lauren’s just had her latest boyfriend’s name tattooed to her body and Mandy wants to explore what this says about her view on relationships.

In therapy Lauren confesses that she’s desperate to start her own family, so she can create the home life that she never had but will her her latest boyfriend, who’s currently in prison, be able to give her the “happy-ever-after” that she craves?

Behind the closed doors of the therapy room, Mandy gets to grips with how Lauren’s intensity seeking personality has impacted on her career, her love-life and her on-going battle with her weight. In a film which combines Lauren’s searing honesty with interviews from her closest friends, we see one of the UK’s most outspoken television stars laid bare as never before.

Danielle Lloyd: In Therapy

Episode 2

Former glamour model and WAG, Danielle Lloyd is at a crossroads in her life both personally and professionally. A decade after finding fame as Miss GB, Danielle is a divorced mum of three.

Danielle first found fame in 2004 when she was crowned Miss GB - a title which threw her into the spotlight - and the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2006. But the young beauty queen quickly fell victim to the viscous cycle of fame - as she became embroiled in the biggest controversy to hit the series - the racist bullying of Shilpa Shetty. It cost Danielle her six figure modelling contracts, her famous boyfriend Teddy Sheringham, and her reputation. Lost and alone, Danielle spiralled into a depression fuelled by drink and drugs.

After a string of violent relationships as a teenager - Danielle finally found happiness with footballer Jamie O’Hara, but just two years into their relationship Danielle found out her husband had cheated. Though the couple went on to have three children together Danielle’s world came crumbling down when the Press revealed Jamie had cheated again - and the pair finally split in 2014.

Danielle has recently become engaged again - can renowned therapist Mandy Saligari, help Danielle come to terms with the mistakes of her past - and prevent history from repeating itself?

But as Mandy digs deeper she finds that behind Danielle’s confident public persona there lies years of low esteem and self confidence which have impacted on everything Danielle’s done - from botched cosmetic surgery procedures to the relationships she’s chosen.

Behind the closed doors of the therapy room, Danielle reveals dark secrets from her past that she’s never been able to tell anyone before. In a film which combines Danielle’s searing honesty with interviews from her family and colleagues, we see this former beauty queen laid bare as never before.

Calum Best: In Therapy

Episode 3

Model and reality star Calum Best was born into a world of privilege and opportunity but has become famous for being the wayward son of footballing legend George Best. Calum didn’t follow his father into sport but he has trodden the same path with his womanising ways and had his own battles with booze, drugs and partying.

At the age of 35 Calum has had enough of being known as George Best’s son, and says he wants to shed the playboy image he’s known for. Now in a bid to find out who he really is, Calum is turning to specialist Mandy Saligari, one of the UK’s most dynamic therapists.

Calum enters therapy determined to send out a message that he understands the damage caused by his father’s lifestyle, and has done the “hard work” of getting cleanish by admitting his own weakness for booze and women. Calum insists he lives the life of a gentleman - and has even gone so far as to tattoo the moniker across his knuckles - but Mandy wants to know if this change in Calum runs deep within, or is just a rebrand on the outside? Outside of therapy Calum continues to earn a living working the reality TV circuit where he’s best known as a lothario and party animal, leaving Mandy to question if he'll ever really escape that playboy shadow of his father.

This experience is not easy for Calum. For as long as he can remember his family’s lives have been splashed across the tabloids. He knows he has demons to confront, but he trusts no-one and finds it hard to open up in the therapy room. Calum admits he has commitment issues, but can he commit to this process?

Marnie Simpson: In Therapy

Episode 4

Marnie Simpson rose to fame for her outrageous behaviour on the controversial reality show Geordie Shore, where she and her castmates drink, party and have sex all for the camera.

It’s brought Marnie fame, and with over three and a half million followers online Marnie’s recognised wherever she goes - but with it there’s a backlash. Marnie is slated everyday on social media for her looks and her provocative behaviour, and is now seeking help from renowned therapist Mandy Saligari, as she tries to untangle herself from her on-screen character.

In therapy Marnie reveals the pain of a fractured childhood after her parents split when she was a toddler. At the age of 18, Marnie hit rock bottom when her mother left for Las Vegas to marry a man she met online. Young, alone and with no qualifications Marnie calls this her “darkest time” as she battled her way through an abusive relationship. When the opportunity came to join Geordie Shore, Marnie saw the show as her saviour.

But as Marnie reveals, with fame there is a price to pay. Marnie tells Mandy that she “drinks for a living” - but admits it’s crazy she’s ended up in her job as problems with alcohol run in both sides of her family. Her excessive drinking is also causing her health problems, with doctors recently advising her to take a break from boozing.

Marnie confesses her self-esteem is damaged by the abuse she gets on social media, where she says she’s called a slut over seventy times a day. The comments about how she looks have driven Marnie to cosmetic surgery, and she’s spent twenty thousand pounds all in the pursuit for perfection.

Reality TV is having an impact on on Marnie’s reputation, looks, sense of self and her relationships. Can she survive it?

Chris Maloney: In Therapy

Episode 5

Chris Maloney shot to fame on the X Factor in 2012, starting out as one of the most nervous contestants ever and then blowing audiences away week after week. But this was no ordinary X Factor story - Chris became the victim of horrendous online bullying, including death threats aimed at him and his family, which eventually led to a breakdown.

Four years on and Chris is trying to rebuild his life. He’s turning to renowned therapist Mandy Saligari to help him understand why his childhood dream of being a singer turned into a nightmare.

In therapy, Chris reveals that the trolling he experienced about his looks drove him to plastic surgery - and resulted in him spending over £80,000 on changing his appearance.

Chris also opens up about how his X Factor experience led him to hit rock bottom - and the suicidal thoughts he suffered during his breakdown. But he also divulges to Mandy that this isn’t the first time he’s suffered at the hands of bullies. In a raw and painful session, he tells Mandy how he was viciously bullied all the way through primary and secondary school, his injuries so severe he once ended up in hospital.

But Mandy wants him to look at the lifelong emotional scars - she wants him to see the patterns between the childhood bullying he suffered and the bullying he experienced on the X Factor. She challenges him to confront the anger she thinks he has suppressed all these years.

Mandy encourages Chris to examine why he slips into the position of the victim - why has he been a victim of bullying twice, and what can he do to stop it happening again?

In an emotionally-wrought film Chris Maloney opens up like he’s never done before.

Nikki Grahame: In Therapy

Episode 6

Nikki Grahame was plucked from obscurity in 2007 to become a household name as one of Big Brother’s most infamous housemates. Her crazy outbursts, temper tantrums, and “Who is she?” catchphrase made her a tabloid star, but few knew that behind her meltdowns was a childhood spent in psychiatric institutions, where Nikki battled with anorexia for over 10 years.

At the age of 34 and at a healthy weight, Nikki wants to leave behind the child-like persona she’s become famous for, and move on. But to do this she’s going to need to confront the demons of her past so is turning to renowned therapist Mandy Saligari.

It’s not the first time Nikki’s had therapy - she was just 8 years old when she was first admitted to a psychiatric unit. During this ten year period Nikki underwent force feeding, tried to escape from numerous hospitals and attempted suicide more than once. Nikki admits she’s not usually cooperative with therapists so this is going to be a challenge for Mandy.

Mandy explores how Nikki swapped a life being monitored 24 hours a day in hospital, for the goldfish bowl of reality TV when she took part in Big Brother. Since then Nikki’s gone on to make a living out of her cartoon character tantrum, but although it’s a hit with the public, Mandy wants know if it’s healthy for Nikki?

Revisiting her past is extremely painful for Nikki and when pushed in therapy about her child-like behaviour Nikki has another of her infamous meltdowns, refusing to even speak to Mandy. Will Mandy be able to succeed where other therapists have failed? Will she be able to get Nikki to reconcile her traumatic childhood and grow up? In a raw and searingly honest film Nikki opens up like never before.

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