Caught on Camera – Series 3


8 x 60'

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ITN Productions

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Caught On Camera features incredible clips and real-life footage all filmed by members of the public – everything from road incidents to weddings gone wrong, holiday mishaps, flights from hell, crimes and have-a go-heroes … jaw dropping moments all caught on camera! These days there are cameras everywhere – CCTV, smartphones, bodycams and dashcams film our every move. Caught on Camera explores everyday life through the footage captured and interviews those involved to find out more about what really happened.

This new series features 4 x 60' brand new crime specials including Moped Muggers which takes a look at the growing wave of bike crime such as smash and grabs, muggings and acid attacks, interviewing both victims and police. Further episodes include 2 x 60’ weather specials featuring extreme weather incidents caught on camera and 2 x 60’ programmes featuring the very best and very worse of neighbours … all caught on camera!

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Moped Muggers

Episode 1

Britain is under siege by moped criminals and this hour-long programme will feature the most jaw dropping moments that have been caught on camera. From muggings to smash and grabs, acid attacks to police chases this programme will include footage captured ondash cams, helmet cams and CCTV, filmed by victims, witnesses and law enforcement. Interviews with victims and eye witnesses will be shot in a stylized way looking “down the barrel”.  The series will feature interviews with police officers who will give the wider context of how these thieves operate, why they target certain individuals and businesses and how to stay safe.

Police in Danger

Episode 2

What happens when Police Officers charged with keeping the public safe come under attack? This show features incredible footage - often filmed by cops themselves - of what they deal with on the frontline.

With an officer reporting being assaulted on average every 18 minutes, and more and more incidents being caught on camera, we meet the policemen and women putting themselves in danger to protect the public...from the cops who bravely apprehended Wales' most wanted man, to the officer who was nearly killed by a man wielding a 4 foot long Samurai Sword. Experts also reveal what happens when officers in danger activate a 'Code Zero' by hitting the emergency button on their Police radio.

Extreme Weather

Episode 3

Jaw-dropping footage and dramatic stories, all filmed by people caught in the middle of extreme weather. In this episode: a lightning bolt wrecks a home with a family inside, the man caught in an avalanche and how a family was nearly swept away in a freak holiday storm.

Weather From Hell

Episode 4

The world's weather has seem to have gone from one extreme to the other. In Britain we have seen record breaking highs and lows, flash floods, wildfires, these days we have to be braced for just about anything.

Car Crime

Episode 5

Unbelievable footage of car crimes from the UK around the world: from car theft to police chases, road rage to dangerous driving, all caught on camera by drivers, helmet cams and CCTV.

Daylight Robbery

Episode 6

The most audacious crimes committed by brazen criminals. There will be a wide range of crimes which all take place in plain sight or in an unashamed way captured on the cameras of victims, eyewitnesses and law enforcement.

Neighbours From Hell

Episode 7

Fights break out on door steps, rubbished piled high in front gardens and other ghastly behaviours. Some light hearted stories, some more serious including neighbours breaking the law.

Neighbours From Hell

Episode 8

Nosy and nightmare neighbours strike again. It's neighbour against neighbour and it's all caught on camera.

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