ProgramBuyer Welcomes Silverlining Rights

Silverlining TV 1st May 2024

ProgramBuyer Welcomes Silverlining Rights

Earmarking further growth for the curated film and TV platform which connects content owners with global buyers, ProgramBuyer proudly announces their latest onboarding of leading UK independent production finance broker and distributor Silverlining Rights.

Roz Parker, Co-Founder of ProgramBuyer comments “We are thrilled to have such a reputable addition to our site, Silverlining brings an impressive programming slate and further establishes new growth for ProgramBuyer.”

Bethan Corney, Founder and MD, Silverlining Rights adds: “Silverlining’s globally-oriented slate encompasses the most in-demand unscripted genres – from cutting edge science, historical revelations, and stunning travelogues to unbelievable true crime stories and warm reality shows – from our roster of incredibly talented producers. We are delighted to be partnering with ProgramBuyer to widen our reach to buyers worldwide.”

In the realm of B2B content marketplaces ProgramBuyer emerges as the pioneer, revolutionizing the landscape as a leading global non-transactional screening platform. Serving as a dynamic hub, ProgramBuyer effortlessly connects their existing 140+ content distributors with a diverse array of buyers, including traditional linear, FAST channels, and VOD streaming platforms worldwide.

This innovative platform redefines convenience by offering buyers a seamless experience to search and screen full-length content from numerous sellers—all within a unified site, for free. The platform’s ingenuity lies in its detailed genre tree, empowering buyers to navigate and screen content precisely tailored to their programming needs. The flexibility extends to buyers who can opt to connect directly with sellers to negotiate the terms of licensing agreements.

In addition to enhancing content discoverability, ProgramBuyer provides sellers with unique opportunities to directly promote their titles on the site’s new homepage and to a growing database of international buyers. This direct line of communication facilitates efficient and targeted interactions, allowing buyers to connect directly with sellers who match their programming interests. streamlining the B2B content market experience for both buyers and sellers alike.

Roz Parker adds “It’s an exciting time amidst an ever-changing landscape of consumer digital streaming platforms to be at the heart of the content business.  Content is in high demand and with ProgramBuyer there’s more opportunity for independent content producers to get seen by major buyers, while the site equally serves the larger studios to cast their content into untouched territories.  The portal simplifies the process for buyers who can run one search from multiple content providers.  Being non-transactional we don’t get involved in the transaction or take any commission.  We simply connect buyers with sellers”.

Silverlining distributes a catalogue of more than 1500 hours of content from many of the UK’s best producers including: Yeti, Knickerbockerglory, Blink Films, Mothership, 72 Films, Spun Gold, Voltage TV, Content Kings, Emporium, MSP, Ten 66, Curve, and Hidden Light.  In addition, Silverlining generates its own content in partnership with producers and international broadcasters.